- 2002 -

Microphase Separation and Wetting Properties of Palmitate-grafted-Polyvinylalcohol Films.
C. Biver, G. de Crevoisier, S. Girault, A. Mourran, R. Pirri, J.C. Razet and L. Leibler
Macromolecules 35, 2552, 2002

Structure of Fluorinated Side-Chain Smectic Copolymers : Role of the Co-Polymerization Statistics
G. de Crevoisier, P. Fabre, L. Leibler, S. Tencé-Girault, J. M. Corpart
Macromolecules 35, 3880, 2002

Enthalpic Stabilization of Brush-Coated Particles in a Polymer Melt
I. Borukhov, L. Leibler
Macromolecules 35, 5171-5182, 2002, DOI : 10.1021/ma011351g

Design and properties of co-continuous nanostructured polymers by reactive blending
H. Pernot, M. Baumert, F. Court, L. Leibler
Nature Materials 54, 2002 ; DOI :10.1038/nmat711

Static and dynamic properties of highly turbid media determined by spatially-resolved diffusive-wave-spectroscopy
F. Morin, R. Borrega, M. Cloitre, D. Durian
Journal of Applied Optics 41, 7294-7299, 2002 ; DOI : 10.1364/AO.41.007294

Viscoelastic properties of physical gels formed by associative telechelic polyelectrolytes in aqueous media.
C. Tsitsilianis, I. Iliopoulos
Macromolecules 35, 3662-3667, 2002 ; DOI : 10.1021/ma011391k

ABC Triblock Copolymers/Epoxy-Diamine Blends. 1. Keys To Achieve Nanostructured Thermosets
S. Ritzenthaler, F. Court, L. David, E. Girard-Reydet, L. Leibler, J. P. Pascault
Macromolecules 35, 6245-6254, 2002 ; DOI : 10.1021/ma0121868

Copolymers close the loop
A-V. Ruzette
Nature Materials 1, 85-87, 2002 ; DOI : 10.1038/nmat739

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