- 2021 -

Epoxy homopolymerization as a tool to tune the thermo-mechanical properties and fracture toughness of vitrimers
K. Tangthana-umrung, Q.-A. Poutrel, M. Gresil
Macromolecules 2021, asap, DOI:10.1021/acs.macromol.1c00861

Dynamic speckle holography
S. Aime, M. Sabato, L. Xiao, D. A. Weitz
Physical Review Letters 2021, 127, 088003, DOI:10.1103/PhysRevLett.127.088003

Glassy states in adsorbing surfactant-microgel soft nanocomposites
S. Goujard, J.-M. Suau, A. Chaub, J.-M. Guigner, T. Bizien and M. Cloitre
Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter, 33 404003, DOI:10.1088/1361-648X/ac1282

Ouzo phase occurrence with alternated lipo/hydrophilic copolymers in water
H. Trevisan, K. Nishimori, S. Aime, J.-M. Guigner, M. Ouchi, F. Tournilhac
Soft Matter 2021, 17, 7384 - 7395, DOI:10.1039/D1SM00575H

A review on self-healing polymers for soft robotics
S. Terryn, J. Langenbach, E. Roels, J. Brancart, C. Bakkali-Hassani, Q.-A. Poutrel, A. Georgopoulou, T. G. Thuruthel, A. Safaei, P. Ferrentino, T. Sebastian, S. Norvez, F. Iida, A.W. Bosman, F. Tournilhac, F. Clemens, G. Van Assche, B. Vanderborght
Materials Today 2021, 47, 187-205, DOI:10.1016/j.mattod.2021.01.009

Synthesis of Polyethylene Vitrimers in a Single Step : Consequences of Graft Structure, Reactive Extrusion Conditions, and Processing Aids
M. Maaz, A. Riba-Bremerch, C. Guibert, N. J. Van Zee, R. Nicolaÿ
Macromolecules 2021, 54, 5, 2213–2225, DOI:10.1021//acs.macromol.0c02649

Dually Crosslinked Polymer Networks Incorporating Dynamic Covalent Bonds
L. Hammer, N. J. Van Zee, R. Nicolaÿ
Polymers 2021, 13, 396. DOI : 10.3390/polym13030396

Transient dynamics of Soft Particle Glasses in Startup Shear Flow : Part I Microstructure and Timescales
F. Khabaz, B. Flavio Di Dio, M. Cloitre, R.T. Bonnecaze
Journal of Rheology 2021, 65(2), 1-15, DOI : 10.1122/8.0000165

Solid Rheological Properties of PBT-Based Vitrimers
L. Farge, S. Hoppe, V. Daujat, F. Tournilhac, S. André
Macromolecules 2021, 54, 4, 1838–1849, DOI:10.1021/acs.macromol.0c02105

Suspensions of soft colloidal particles
D. Vlassopoulos, M. Cloitre in Theory and Applications of Colloidal Suspension Rheology N. Wagner and J. Mewis Eds
Cambridge University Press 2021, ISBN:9781108423038

Phase diagram of poly(VDF-ter-TrFE-ter-CTFE) copolymers : Relationship between crystalline structure and material properties
F. Bargain, D. Thuau, G. Hadziioannou, F. Domingues Dos Santos, S. Tencé-Girault
Polymer 2021, 123203, DOI : 10.1016/j.polymer.2020.123203

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